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Conversations with Teacher

     What is the cause of all deseases and various dependency?
The cause of disease is simple - it's ”a wall” between Life and man. The mind of a person reaches a great activity becomes full of doubts, scrolling situations of the past and the future, nothing related to the present. The mind is cowardly and selfish. It wants the way it wants and when the mind takes possession of the person, it builds a wall between him and Life, making him feel isolated.  read more >>
      Development of consciousness is a system of education
- The task is to put the system of training for those who need it and give them an ooprtunity to learn?
- We first give some stages. To show how it is great when we begin to learn, how the world begins to change! So that we will automatically go to a different frequency and perceive the world as qualitatively quite different. The World in a rainbow colors. We are beginning to increasingly use the levels of consciousness which are higher than the mind,. And it is very comfortable. 

     The Little World that we created (in 3 chapters)

It seems clear that the meaning of our life is not to built some personal obstacles that prevent us to live , prevent the life-force to circulate in us. Moreover, in this world we create a small world of our own! This is work, family, any relationship, friends, relatives, pretty much other.. Now look where is the mistake of all human beings and yours too. All people factually work only on their own little world, trying to improve it, enhance, and somehow decorate. This is not bad. But the mistake is that it becomes the purpose and meaning of life, it becomes the main thing.. Well, I have a vacation, then do spiritual practice and  try with even better efforts to invest into my own little world. This game is losing!  read more >>



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