A Way to the Path
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A Way to the Path
The second stage of studying at our school is easiest to describe with the words "Stepping onto the Path." This stage significantly transfigures,transforms and brings a person to a qualitatively new level of development. Not everyone understands what the Path is, or have their own vague ideas about it. Usually they are formed on the basis of contradictory descriptions.

What is the Path?
Imagine that out of five senses you will have only one left - touch. Would you agree to this in exchange for a large sum of money? Very large? In addition, you will also get a lot of authority and power!.. I think it would be unlikely, this difference in the flawed perception can not be compensated in any way.

The same difference, but in the direction of enriching the perception of the world (only many times more) occurs after a person moves beyond the level of Pure consciousness in the Real worlds, beyond the level of Pure consciousness or Awakening. Since these concepts cannot be understood by the mind, nothing is said about this anywhere.

If we consider the issue of human development from this perspective, the most reasonable thing a person can do is to do everything necessary to get there faster! That means life becomes a conscious preparation for overcoming this milestone. There must be some reason why we are given this life?

Most people will be led to this point. Through good and bad...after few lives or a multitude, through suffering or very great suffering, they will be brought towards this milestone.

And if this is inevitable in any case, perhaps, it will be better for us to start moving towards this point on our own, willingly (begin to do what they want from us)? Why waste time? Like that a meaning for our existence appears! And having started to walk in this direction, a person becomes convinced through his experience, that only in this way harmony with life, which everyone seeks so hard, is possible.

This is what all these people, who have passed the milestone and went further, always tried to convey.

Now the question is: "Do we believe THEM? .." (Take Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed ...) If not, then there's nothing to talk about ... it's too early ...

Internal spiritual development of a person can be divided into several stages:

1) A vague call of Truth. A person is feeling like something is missing in his life, he is starting to take an interest, to read literature, to communicate with the same people ..., that is, he begins searching for answers to arising questions about the purpose of the life, about himself, about the world around him;

2) Maturation. He is starting to search for people who are engaged in their spiritual development. Through trials and errors a person finds masters;

3) Practice. Have began to practice diligently some methods of human perfection.

Life requires development - there is no negotiation, this is what it is given for. Whether I know about this or not, whether I want to or not, I will be still developing. This is an internal process.

The initial very difficult point on this path is reaching the milestone of pure consciousness.

Life prepares a person for entering this level through clearing out everything what is hindering the process (that's why it's called "Pure").

It prepares to move him further, into the Real Worlds, where he perceives life more and more clearly, without distortion, the way it really is.

Practice of Knowledge of Primordial Sound allows to  prepare quickly for this transition, to approach it directly...

When passing the line of Pure consciousness, which is in different cultures and religions is called in many ways: Awakening, Enlightenment, Realisation, Salvation...a person’s perception of Life changes radically. To such extent that he wants to forget all his previous life, he wants to forget quickly, like a nightmare. So amazing is the difference in sensations, perception, understanding of both oneself and Life. Those who have passed are saying that all events and everything that happened before Pure level of consciousness is not a life, but a struggle for survival. During the transition, through this level an awakened person turns his mind from a position of owner into a good assistant and switches his perception of life to a higher level of consciousness. Thus, he removes the cause of ALL of his problems and suffering.

A conscious inner development in continuous exploration of ever higher levels of consciousness, in many cultures is called one word - the WAY. Life can also be looked at as a Way, only that it’s unconscious and this is very important! In a dream, we find ourselves in the Real Worlds every night, but unconsciously ...

The concept of "Path" is often misunderstood. If I started to read spiritual literature, became interested in it, I'm not on the Path. Even if I started doing some exercises and breathing gymnastics, meditation...this is still not the Path. You are just approaching, preparing to step on it. So far this is only a set of information about the Path, both theoretical and practical. In order to step on the Path and move along it, one must fulfill a number of conditions:
Conditions  of movement along the Path:
1) Presence of the Teacher;
2) A group of like-minded individuals (a team);
3) The Path itself (a clear vision of the goal).
The Practice of Knowledge through Primordial Sound can only be understood through practical experience. Therefore, to discuss in detail the topic of the Path is only possible when practicing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
When the chick is still in the egg, it lives and develops according to the laws of the egg. Then, a little breaking of the shell and it will see through a crack a tremendously huge world! The moment when it begins to feel itself in the egg and wants FREEDOM is - "Stepping on the Path". One of the many goals of practicing the Knowledge of Primary Sound is to help a person in this process.

After that, he is in hurry to get out of his stringent world and applies all his efforts. And once he is out, he is doing everything possible to quickly learn how to fly - because he's a BIRD!

Even while still being in the egg, he is already a bird, even if asleep... ripening for the FLIGHT.

And when it knows how to fly, it rises high ...

All leading spiritual authorities of the mankind spoke specifically about Ascension. A "breaking of the shell" (Awakening), though important, but only an intermediate stage on this Path of growing up.

As for us, for the time being, we are living in the world of eggs - in a world of deep sleep and suffering ... So let's become BIRDS sooner! The knowledge how to do it are available. How strong is our desire?


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