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Mission of the School is to live through the heart
Activity of the School

The School was established in 2010 in Minsk, Belarus. At the Awakening School serious seekers continuously learn and work hard towards reaching their goal - becoming alike Light. We are united in our aspiration to reach Awakening point and move beyond it through engaging in a structured and tested practice and sharing the knowledge with other seekers.

The main focus of the activity is education and passing practical knowledge about human development and evolution. Education in this field allows an individual to gain their own experience, which is necessary for understanding the meaning and purpose of a human life.

Our School is a life organism, it is continuously developing, growing and improving. Right now our team unites seekers from Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, United Kingdom, Spain and United States. In Moscow, Riga, Kaliningrad and Minsk there are active clubs of our centre, which provide a framework for improving understanding of practical and theoretical elements.

We are happy to welcome into our circle serious seekers of all nationalities, religions and countries. The main condition for being part of our circle is having a big desire to work hard towards your own perfection, while improving the life around. The Awakening School regularly organises retreats, talks, webinars and Practice of Silence classes.

The school offers health-improving and training courses, seminars, webinars, yoga classes and laughter therapy courses, presentations with educational lectures and meetings. There is a sports section and a section of children's educational programs.

The school fosters relationships with businesses through unique corporate programs, acts as an information sponsor and partner to music bands and creative teams, organises retreats and meetings in the cities of Russia, Belarus and Europe.

The development of such school in any region of the world, as a by-product results provides an opportunity for improvement in the social, economic and other spheres of society. Improves people’s quality and standard of life. The development of the school has a positive impact on the overall harmonious state of the region as a whole. People become happier and content.

The Mission of the School

The existence of the school is necessary in order to create a possibility of passing the practical knowledge to the seekers of the whole world.

Our goal is to establish an active educational organisation with a university and a settlement where seekers can work on their own spiritual development as well as make a positive impact on a surrounding world.

At our school we educate and prepare specialists that could make a significant positive impact in various spheres of the society: education, sports, arts, science, business and many others.


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