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Brief information about the Сеnter
   The International Center "Human Path" started its activities in Latvia in 1994. The aim that unites people permanently living in the Center is the possibility to master the Spiritual practice more profoundly, to learn more and willingness to help the surrounding world and people.

    The basic activity of the Center is devoted to the training of the people to master the practical Knowledge of human development.
People use the acquired Knowledge in various areas of their activities – health recovery courses take place, healing elective departments are working.

    Our Center offers training of the spiritual Knowledge to anyone interested that gives an opportunity to obtain rich spiritual experience that helps to understand the sense of life.

    Existence of the Center where a group of people lives together and is actively involved in the practice of human consciousness development provides an opportunity and good basis to improve substantially the level of life of the people in the region and positively influence the development and harmony of the region.
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