Story of awakening
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Story of awakening of the school's students
Story of awakening
Nikita Borodulin (RIGA)
While the tea was getting cold
I was dying and being born again.
Deep inside, this is a barely noticeable feeling..
Only when it becomes a call, you understand that the time has come.
It is time to change something, no...not change but go deep inside this feeling.
Pieces of you start becoming alive and at first it feels very painful,
Because accumulation from past centuries are so sharp, one will have to see it.
I am ready.

Yuliya Kyssa (MINSK)
What did the awakening give me? FREEDOM, the purity of the perception of the world, PEACE and absolute HAPPINESS, regardless of external circumstances. This is the best thing you can do for your family and the world totally. To wake up and to help other people to do this. Because when you are so happy and full, you need to share it. 

Natalia Zhuk (MINSK)
Now I often feel as if some force pulling me upwards from the top of my head, as if all my essence wanting to rise up to the next levels of consciousness. Previously I also experienced present moment quite often, but for me it was boring. What I was observing all around was not interesting. But now being present in the moment and feeling my true nature fills me with pleasant experiences, at times peace, at times quite happiness, sometimes the feeling of love, sometimes bliss.

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