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Self-Realised Teacher Genady Givin
A teacher,a guru.. There has always been some mystery, concepts and questions around this word.

But the purpose of the teaching is not a deification of a teacher, so that he would rise up as his figure over the students. On the contrary, the closer a student is to the teacher, the simpler and more trustworthy their relationship, the more friendly they are its easier for the teacher to pass his knowledge to the student.

To make it clearer Genady Givin is a simple and lively person. We will briefly describe the life of the teacher.
Like most holders of Knowledge, the main part of it came from the living teachers who carefully have preserved and passed this knowledge throughout the ages. And now Genady in return, shares this Knowledge with people who needs it and who are ready to receive it.

Genady was born in Riga. He was a very healthy and strong child. From the 1st form of the primary school he was engaged in swimming. From the 8th-boxing, sambo, karate, various kinds of all-around. Often and successfully performing at international competitions, he became a master of sport.

While studying at school in the 10th grade Genady met a person engaged in spiritual practice. What he has learned from him radically changed his views on life. The practice of these lessons helped achieve excellent results in sports, easy to enroll into FIR (Riga Polytechnic Institute) and finish it with excellent grades.

Later on the life brought out Genady to  an institute in Moscow where he began to study human bioenergetic field. There he became acquainted with a very interesting elderly man who gave Genady certain knowledge about our and other worlds and sent him to the acting spiritual master.

Thanks to good physical health, from the age 24 he already could afford a very fast and effective mastering of this Knowledge. For him it was a vital necessity.

Throughout this whole time Genady did not leave sport. He was competing in boxing, sambo, swimming, various kinds of all-around competitions, and almost always successfully. He devoted much time to sport, working as a coach, teaching children and youth swimming, and all-around martial arts.

He lived in Altai, Sayany, in Western Siberia, working for several years in rescue work in the mountains of the Caucasus. Whether he worked as an instructor in hand-to-hand combat, a stuntman, an electrical engineer, a mine rescuer and a participant in water rafting in mountain rivers. Genady was engaging and teaching practical knowledge continuously.

He traveled the Volga region, Urals, Central Asia, at the same time learning by himself and teaching others the knowledge he gained. In the most recent years Genady lives in Latvia.
The first pupils of Genady were in the Volga region and in the Altai.

It is interesting fact that both grandfathers of Genady also had access to this Knowledge, possessed unusual abilities and were applying them for the benefit of people.

When answering questions and requests to tell about himself, Genady Givin always repeats: “I as a person don’t have any special value, but the Knowledge that I transmit is priceless”.”.

         This section provides excerpts from interviews with the Teacher and his short biography

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