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State of presence in “Here and Now” – Awareness
The state has many facets and varies in depth. It is a state of complete inner non-resistance to Life and co-creation with it. The inner non-resistance (or “acceptance”) categorically should not be confused with obedience! 
Understanding of true meaning and depth of the above only comes with regular practice and work on yourself.
Experience of being in this state very quickly and greatly changes a person and his attitude toward the world and Life.
In the initial stages of learning people learn different facets of the state of awareness. With regular sessions, which include both group work and individual work on themselves, the experience accumulates and deepens and people step by step come to awareness. 
There’s  enough information written of "Here and Now" , "Awareness", "Awakening", "single field" and "one reality"  ... You can read about, hear or think, even write a book ... and we teach it in practice.
With the experience people can act in this state and learn to live in it, constantly deepening it.
Awareness is not just a pleasant state that can be experienced, being engaged in spiritual practice. It is a way of life! This is preparation for "awakening" as the beginning of life in Pure consciousness.
After passing this milestone it is meaningful to talk about life in the Real worlds .
This is what the law of evolution leads us to, is what pushes us through life circumstances, trouble, any kind of discomfort or simple dissatisfaction that everyone feels from time to time  ...
We would like to note that all training and practical sessions are held only under the guidance of trained instructors. Those, who want to "experiment" on their body, undertake full responsibility.

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