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All elements of spiritual practice mean the internal states, that can be felt only being engaged in the practice. Anyone, even the most detailed description of these elements gives a distorted view of them. This is similar to the description of the symphony to a deaf person or a sunset - to a blind man. Just compare, and subjective ... 

Only practical lessons can give a person some own inner experience, so here is a simplified and introductory description.
An important element of spiritual practice, as part of the Vedic knowledge, is meditation. Its development is impossible without a base - Silence or "Void", as it is called in the East.
Full name is a paradental meditation technique of Knowledge of Primorial sound. This is a very vast concept, we will mention some of the many facets of meditation.
Meditation, which we teach in our center - is a simple mental practice based on the properties of energy "attunement" ("energy vibration"). "Attunement" or "energy vibration" is selected for each person individually by Teacher in line with the inner nature of man. This kind of energy is taken by the Teacher out of the worlds which are much more superior in its development than ours. This vibration has specific characteristics that a person learns to use during meditation.
Meditation accelerates the evolutionary movement - it is aimed at rapid spiritual growth of man. Elements of spiritual practice following the meditation give even more accelerated development.
Meditation is often confused with techniques of positive thinking, relaxation, concentration, contemplation, visualization, etc. These are different things.
All programmes are currently taught in Russian. Courses will be available in English once there are enough new students to form a new group.

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