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What is the course of Laugther Therapy and Deep Relaxation Method?

The most frequently asked questions about the course: 
 What is the course of Laugther Therapy and Deep Relaxation Method (DRM)?
DRM is a complex method of acting upon the whole organism of yours, including physiology, the nervous system, the physics, and mind. The method is aimed at deep purification of the organism from stress, at its strengthening and stabilization. Through this method you get closer with your own nature, which is much wiser than our intellect, and always works correctly. And if not interfere, then it makes you healthier, more pure and energetic. 
 What is the purpose and objectives of your course?
Deep purification of the body from the stresses and their residual effects, its strengthening and revitalization.
Coursework exercises allow consciously reach a rest and relaxation more profound than during sleep. Exactly such a relaxation is the only and sufficient condition for the elimination of stresses and their residual effects, even those about which you have forgotten, but they are still in you and prevent you from living. 
 What are the benefits of your course? 
People who have passed the course, notice:
• improvements in  their health, mental activity and relationships with others;
• physical health, mind and nervous system get stronger; sleep recovers;
• weight becomes normal; rejuvenation of the body;
• increased work capacity and vitality.
People get rid of bad habits much easier(smoking, alcohol, etc.)
And, what is very important - people become much happier! Life starts to circulate through them, they begin      to breathe and feel the world more subtly, they are beginning to Live. 
 What does your course consist of? 
People learn at the course: a set of yoga exercises, breathing exercises, the elements that lead to a state of deep inner peace and quiet. In addition, the course includes elements such as laughter, “gratitude and forgiveness”, "opening the heart" and more. With regard to the complex of physical exercises – we make a focus on the main thing - the spine, on the energy of the conduction of which depends the whole human life.
The spine can be roughly compared with a tree trunk, on which depends  the state of nutrition of all its branches and leaves. But it's also very important that we learn how to "water the tree roots," that is to provide important food for life and development - the energy of silence. 
 Why your course is so effective and how it differs from other trainings and seminars?
Our course is effective for any person, because it is based on a holistic Knowledge about a human and all the universe, about where everything is moving to, about the main purpose of human habitation in this world. The talk is about Vedic knowledge, which has always been on the Earth, and is passing on through the Teacher. This is not a dead book, but a living practice.
Typically, trainings are called "personal development courses”, we emphasize, on the contrary, that a person's identity, set up by its mind, should be transformed, because it interferes with the circulation of life. The talk here is already about an internal, spiritual development. 
 What is the course duration?
The course duration is from 8 to 10 sessions, 3 hours each, about 1,5-2 weeks. But this is not all, there will be a homework like in school. But this again is not all. Your whole life will be this course - it will become alive and flourishing and giving you a joy! 
 "The course is finished, what's next? What if I do not want to leave?"  
After passing the course anyone can get further training of the spiritual practical knowledge (Vedic Knowledge). In principle, the preparation of the human’s body to getting this knowledge is the main objective of this course. Studying it, you come to a "dialogue" with life, get answers to questions what it wants from you and why it is given to you, i.e. you come to understanding of the meaning and the main purpose of your life. We are talking about a particular establishment on the Path of spiritual development and moving along it, through the Awakening and even further ... This is the opportunity we offer! Training at the course does not affect the political, national and religious beliefs. 
 We are often asked to describe shortly the fundamental difference of our course from other externally similar health improvement systems, self development systems and etc. “Exercises look like the same, words are similar… What special you have that others do not?” 
Well, two or three words are not enough but still we will try to give some differences.
There are several fundamental differences:
  Inner peace and silence – the entire body calms down, from the mind to the physical body, inclusive.
This state can be transferred only through a personal contact. The state of silence can be described by words in any book or article but still the words do not give any feeling of the inner experience. It is only transmitted directly from a Teacher to students. As usual, people strive to approach to this internal state through various physical, breathing and other exercises, reaching as a rule fairly superficial options. As for our school, we teach people to do same physical, breathing and other exercises in this state, making possible many times reduce time for achieving more substantial results. This internal state is passed at once through an instructor to the students.
The Laughter therapy, that we use here, has nothing common with humor, tickling or some fun visualizing, etc. In regular systems, that use laughter, it depends on its acceptance by an intellect, but this is very superficially. Here laughter runs  from the depths of the inner silence. It occurs absolutely natural. Therefore, in combination with the various practical elements of the course, such Laughter therapy is able to provide a sufficient deep relaxation (deeper than a sleep) and wipe out of the body very deep and old stresses and their residual effects. How to bring the human body to such a deep silencing know neither doctors, nor comedians!
 Presence of   “Conductor” to the Next link of the human mind. That is a constant communication
and  coordinated cooperation with Them. There is no sense to describe here what is meant by “the Next link”. Who wants to learn more about Them, can get information on our web-site.
The principal difference is the following: there are people with a strong enough “energy”  (often they are engaged in healing, or they conduct trainings, etc). And due to their personal capacities, they can achieve some results. But still they are only batteries that pretty quickly are “getting low”. As well they have defined boundaries for permitting certain types of energy both in quantitative and qualitative aspects. But we are talking about the “Conductor” (teaching staff) of all required forms of energy directly from the Next link in to our world. See the difference-  the “quickly getting low battery” and the “Conductor of the power plant”!
The aim of our practice , starting with the introductory phase (Laughter Therapy course) is to prepare the person to conscious embarking on the Path of the internal and spiritual development, for moving along the Path through the Awakening (4 phases) to the Real worlds, to the exit of the 5th program in to 6th... and further, without getting stuck at a very early milestone of the Enlightenment – the level of Pure consciousness , which is wrongly considered as the purpose and meaning of all human life!
We do not want to deceive people and offer only something “exotic and new-fashioned” just to maintain a more or less comfortable meaningless existence. Or, in other words, continue the “sleep”. No, we say things as they are – people must wake up !!! “Illusion” or “sleep” is an abnormal condition, which has nothing common with Life.  It is unnatural for all living things... this must corrected.
The practice leads to it or rather helps a person to go there (without a desire, the practice will do nothing).
Probably, the above-mentioned should already be enough ... 
One more thing, at one of the learning stages students come to communication, learning and further, cooperation with the Next link of the mind (which is called also Absolute, God, Cosmic mind, Atman... – the essence is one), those who have passed our stage of development and whose duty now is to supervise the development process of our program.
With Their help the development in our 5th program can be passed much simpler and faster (no need to spend on it a lot of lives, but a few years only). Preparation for such cooperation (i.e. embarking on the Path and movement on it) is the sense of human’s life, his main purpose.  
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