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What Life wants from us? 

This paper combines information from various  interviews given by the  instructors of health-improving methods, students at the School of Spiritual Development "Path through the Awakening" (Riga).
Why people get sick?
Why trouble?
Why something is wrong in this life?
Do you know what Life wants from you?  read more >>


 Health problems?
Overweight? Stress?... The reason – the uncontrolled mind!
I would now briefly touch on one of the most important causes leading to the recruitment of excess weight, fading of the skin, unhealthy nails, hair and so on ... about which little, where talk seriously. This reason - our mind. Or rather - his constant obsession with work. Even better - the uncontrolled and unconstructive thinking.  read more >>

 Exercising with sunlight. What are the benefits?
This exercise should be done for 10 minutes once a day (no longer as you can activate hidden disorders). Do not do it after the meal! It is better to eat after the exercise which can help you to eat less by calming the hunger.  read more >>

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