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Spiritual Teacher Genady Givin
Theacher, Guru… There is always a bit of mysticism and a lot of guesswork and questions around this concept.

But the point of the practice is not to deify the Teacher so that his majestic figure towers above the disciples. On the contrary, the closer the disciples are to the Teacher, the simpler and more trustful and friendly are their relations, the easier is for the Master to transmit his knowledge.

To make clear that Genady Givin is a simple and real person, we will briefly describe the Master's life.

Like all of the transmitters of the Knowledge, Genady also attained the main part of it from the same living Masters who carefully carried the Knowledge through the centuries in order to pass them to people. Now in his turn Genady shares this Knowledge with people who need it and who are ready to perceive it.

Genady was born in Riga. He grew a healthy and a strong child – from the first grade he was engaged in swimming, from the 9 th - boxing, sambo, karate, various kinds of all-round. Frequently and successfully he performed at international competitions, became a master of sports.
While studying at school, in Grade 10, Genady met the man in charge of Spiritual Practice. The knowledge that Genady learnt from him not only radically changed Genady’s views on life, but also helped him to achieve excellent results in sports, to enter Riga Polytechnic Institute easily and to finish it with appreciation.

Later the life brought Genady to Moscow Institute that specialized in researches on the human’s body biological field energy. There he met a very interesting middle-aged man who gave Genady certain knowledge about our world and surrounding worlds and sent him to an acting spiritual Master.

Due to a good physical preparation, since 24 years of age he could afford a very quick and effective learning. It was vital for him.

During all this time Genady didn’t leave sports. He participated in competitions in boxing, sambo, swimming, various types of all-round, and it was almost always successful. Genady gave many years to sports: he worked as a coach teaching kids and young people swimming, all-round and martial arts. 

He lived in the Altai, in the Sayan Mountains, in Western Siberia. For several years he worked as lifeguard in the mountains of the Caucasus.  Whatever was his occupation - a close fight coach, a stunt man, an engineer-electrician, a rescuer or a participant of rafting down a mountain river, Genady constantly followed and taught the spiritual practice.

He traveled the Volga region, the Urals, Central Asia learning and teaching others the received Knowledge. During the recent years Genady lives in Latvia.

He taught his first disciples in the Volga region and Altai.

It’s interesting that similar to Genady, both his grandfathers had access to this Knowledge, possessed extraordinary possibilities and used it for the good of people.

Responding to questions, Genady Givin always repeats: “I don’t represent any value by myself – the Knowledge that I pass on is priceless”. 

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