2nd stage-Access to the Path
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About the whole new perception of Life or what is the
inner Spiritual Path?

    A reader, suppose that out of five senses you will have only one - the sense of touch. Would you agree to this in exchange for a large sum of money? Very large? In addition you will receive a lot of power! .. I think that unlikely - the difference in inferiority of perception is not compensated.
    Same difference, but in the direction of enriching the perception of the world (just yet many times more) occurs after the transition abroad Pure consciousness in the Real worlds (something that stands after  the level of Pure consciousness, or Enlightenment - since those concepts are beyond the mind, nowhere nothing  is said about this).
    And if you consider the theme of human development from this perspective, the most sensible thing a person can do is to do everything necessary to get there faster! That is, life becomes a conscious preparation for passing  this milestone. Well, not just because it is given to us?
    All people will be brought to this internal milestone. Hook or by crook ... for a few lives or for many, through a very great suffering or pain, but will be brought.
    And if this is unavoidable, would it be better to begin to move in that direction themselves? Why waste time? There is the meaning of life! And starting to go in this direction, people get their own experience which confirms that only this option gives harmony with life, which all are looking for.
    That is what all those, who have crossed that line and went on, tried and continue to try to convey to people. Now the question is: "We believe THEM? .." (Take the same Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed ...) If not, then there is nothing to talk about … probably, it is too early  ...


Internal development of human can be divided into several stages:
1) started to be interested (he is something missing ...) : reading of literature, communication ... that is, began to search for answers to his questions about life;
2) Maturation ... began to look for people who are engaged in to spiritual development. Through trial and error, he comes out to the masters;
3) began to be seriously engaged in to spiritual practice (and not necessarily in homeland).
Life requires development - this is not discussed, it is for what life is given. I know it or do not know, I want to or do not want to, I'm still going to develop. This is an internal process.
Initial nodal point along the path of development is a milestone of Pure consciousness.
Life is preparing a person for passing this milestone, purged from him everything that hinders (that’s why it is called - "Pure"). It prepares to move on, in Real worlds, where he perceive life more purely and without distortion, such as it is. That is to say – in reality.
Spiritual practice can quickly prepare a person for this transition, come to it almost closely ...
Passing the milestone of Pure consciousness, which in different cultures and religions is called differently: Awakening, Enlightenment, Realization, Saving ... human perception of life is changing radically. To such an extent that all his past life before this, he wants to forget quickly like a bad dream. So amazing the difference in sensations, perceptions, understanding yourself and Life. Those, who passed, say that all before Pure consciousness  is not life but a struggle for existence. In going through this level a person turns his mind from the owner in a good helper and switch the perception of life on a higher level of consciousness. Thus, he removes the cause of ALL his problems and suffering.
Conscious internal movement in the development of ever higher levels of consciousness, in many cultures is considered as one word – the PATH. (Life, conventionally, too, can be represented as a Path, but it is unconscious, and this is very important! In the dream, every night we go  in to the Real worlds, but unconsciously ...)
The concept of "Path" is often incorrectly interpreted. If I begin reading spiritual literature, interested in it, then I'm not on the Path. Even if I start doing some exercises and breathing exercises, meditation ... it's also not the Path. It's all just summing that trains me to the Path. It is only a set of course information, both theoretical and practical. To get on the Path and move on it, there must be a number of conditions:
1) Teacher presence;
2) Group of like-minded people (a team);
3) the Path itself (a clear vision of the goal).
Spiritual knowledge is learned either practically, or not learned at all. Therefore discussing the topic of the Path thoroughly is possible only when doing spiritual practice.
    When the chick is still in the egg, he lives and develops under the laws of the eggs. Then, after breaking the shell a little, he will see through a gap an amazingly huge world! (The moment when he begins to feel himself in the egg and desire freedom  is - "Embarking on the Path." One of the many tasks of spiritual practice - to help the person in this.)
After that he struggles in a hurry to get out quickly from his tight little world outside. And after getting out, he does everything possible to quickly learn how to FLY - he's THE BIRD!
    Even while still in the egg, he was a bird, only still sleeping ... maturing for the FLIGHT.
    And after learning how to fly, he rises up ...
    All the leading spiritual authorities of humanity are talking about the ASCENSION. A "breaking the shell" (The Awakening), though is important, but it is only an intermediate step on this Path of growing up.
    We still live in a world of eggs - in the world of sleep and suffering ... So let's quickly become the BIRDS! There is knowledge of how to do it.  Do we want it enough? ..

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