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Spiritual experience

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Spiritual experience of the students during the closed
cycles of intensive training
Life beyond the scope of our perception is much richer and more interesting!
In March and June 2010 a few closed cycles of spiritual practice passed in our school, where people experienced various states and gained confirmation of the words of Teacher Genady Givin.
Here is presented a small part of the experience of participants of first stage of training.

It is a vision Path. To learn how the perception of our world begins to change in the process of traffic along the Path.
In contrast of the experience of some other enlightened persons who have just a very initial phase of awakening, maximum – the first phase (out of four, which are all just a side effect of the traffic along the Path)…, which happened in itself (and only for chosen persons) . Here it is directly in connection with exercising of spiritual practice, that is a purposeful preparation of the whole person. So it is accessible to everyone, who has enough aspiration and is ready to work hard. And this is a big difference : trust in something or become such themselves.

The main goal is not some phase of awakening or bliss, but embarking on the Path and moving along it to the next stage of development!

Here will be posted experiences with those who help us… with representatives of a better next world who have passed our stage of development , to where the Path leads. In society it is called as Shambhala, Paradise, 6th program, etc. – all the same.
             "All around are playing some wrong game"
Vladimir - "I touched my soul"

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