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Prerequisities for creating  
International Center "Human Path"
    The idea of creating a spiritual center is not new, yet now it is becoming more critical than ever before.
    Today in our society the tendencies of worsening in the most important spheres of life of human beings and the society  – health, ecology, new generation, economy etc. – can be observed. This creates huge stress and depression in the society, which worsen the situation even more.

    The problems mentioned above, exist in every society, in every country, on every continent to a certain extent A lot of people are worried about these problems. We depend on each other a lot. After all, the world ocean is common for all, the protective layer of ozone is the same for all and all of us share the same planet.

    Looking at the situation from a global perspective, it can be seen how the Earth is being destroyed, how the Ocean dies and the ozone layer is being depleted. There are so many senseless wars and suffering in the world. The moral and ethical values are being depreciated.

    It cannot go on this way any longer.  This has to be changed.

    The reasons for all these problems lie within the human beings – in their negative attitude towards life, negative thoughts and emotions, lack of ability and knowledge on how to live in harmony with the laws of nature and to pursue the laws of evolution and life. Because the reasons lie within the human beings, to change the state of things one has to begin with the changing of human beings themselves. Then it will be much easier to deal with the consequences.

    The situation can be changed only if people change their perceptions and attitudes towards the world.

    We have practical Knowledge on perfecting the human beings – the spiritual practice of developing the consciousness. And we want to demonstrate how to reach the perfection with our own example.

    The appropriate conditions are necessary  for effective mastering of the practice. To create the appropriate atmosphere, a training school was established for all who is willing to participate, and it is easiest done created specifically for this purpose.

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