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Goals and tasks of the Center
    The goal of our pursuit is to create a strong and active spiritual centre. The centre could possibly be like a community for people who are interested in their self-improvement. The members of the community could live, study and work at the center striving for happiness and self-development, enhancing their environment and helping the world and other people.
    The centre would be vital to encourage spiritual practice in the world and to train the growing number of people willing to make changes.
    The centre would serve as a basis for health-improving clinic employing the top class experts who would be able to deal with cases where the classical medicine is helpless.
    Besides the activities of the health-improving clinic, other programs would be developed in areas vital for a society, such as education, sports, art, sciences, business etc. The trainers would be specialists in the respective field who have undergone preliminary preparation and spiritual practice training.

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